Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save the Drama for your Momma

It all started on Saturday night…

A long-term guildie did something he should not have done…at least with out asking first (not asking me...but Lisa should have been asked) and when the other Officers asked about it we were pretty much dismissed and insulted, I can ignore some minor crap so I did and went about my evening, a little later on said guildie brought up the subject again…this time 2 other Officers got involved in the discussion/argument ..it ended with said guildie calling us names and being generally disrespectful.

Sunday morning came and while I was getting ready to go to work one of the other Officers decided to tell me something that did not make me happy, I responded in-kind with a smart ass remark “should we bake him cookies too?”

I then made a board for the fellow Officers expressing my anger and frustration with having someone who doesn’t do anything to help run things telling those that do pull there wait that there are wrong and calling us names to boot:P

Said guildie then proceeds to attack my integrity and even called me incompetent lol
When I log in after work it just grows and grows, I demote all my alts so they cant see o chat , for the sole purpose of not gkicking said guildie, I log on to my main and request it get demoted as well, that causes a crap satorm that I stayed out of for as long as I could…

Then it had to be done…he attacked me again and again …I had taken enough guff from a 15 yr old… “#$%$# has been kicked out of the guild by Raistilan”

I then booted all his alts out as well…

Then one by one….his “clique” g quit

The only one that hurt the guild was another Officer leaving

We will survive…I think we are better off

At least we wont have to listen to him swallowing his mic in vent anymore…or his constant babbling during raids

Now recruiting Warlocks LOL

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday night raids

Good day all:)

So..We went back to SSC last night..and WTF PWNED Hydross..1 shot ftw!!

After waiting 1.25 hours to get 25 people:P

I will be pushing the guild to add more healers..another resto druid for sure to help take the stress from Dottie..although she IS THE BEST RESTO ON THE SERVER!!!

We took a resto shammy last night..green gear and all...and he did very well imo..Grats Zach:)..he even got an epic totem from the trash:)

Clark got the epic tanking staff from the trash as well:)

The only problem that I have with our Lurker attempts is that we did not use our maint tank..Ted the tankadin..this isnt to say that Lan did poorly..just Ted is our MT and this will be fixed asap or we move to a different boss..our mele pulled from Lan on every try..that doesnt happen with Ted.

It was a fun night ..everyone had fun..Ted got a great upgrade for him to spend his MKP on..Grats man..you earned it:)

World boss today..or mag..or back to lurker..but either way..our little guild has another farm boss:)

HKM/Gruul/Mag/Hydross ...all free loots now imo:)

See you ingame..
Dont let your meat loaf:P

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hydross the unliving

Thats right kiddies..

Our first night on Hydross and we killed him..thats right...one night...on the 9th attempt:)

Grats to our team!!! you guys/gals OWN!!!!

There is some bad news though...8 wipes was too many lol..should have been attempt# 4-5 at the most..why did we wipe?...simple...shadow word pain...thats right..a dot kept wiping us:(

except for one wipe was a hot:P

And our favorite dps whore Aerlions wand on #8 lol

I got a new robe (rolled a 100 /owned:P)...which I think will now allow me to leave my spellfire set in the bank..woot!

Tried 2/48/11 fire for this raid..bad idea:P...was pushing 700+ dps but with all the aoe I had to do..mana was an issue ftl:P

I am still pumped about the kill:)

I spent tonnes o gold for the raid...6 primal life/7 primal water/ 6 primal fire..and some other odds and ends..well worth it:)

400+>Boss kill on the first night:)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

One last try

That was it last night..

We had one last shot at Magtheridon last night before we called it for the night...it was after 2am server time..10+ goes at him..best being 27%..that in it self would have a been a "good" night for a new boss...


Can we just give it just one last try?

Everyone reached deep into their souls to answer yes...YES WE CAN!!!

After a night of mom jokes...some back luck...some swearing in vent when something went wrong...to "cuppy cakes" being played in vent..

Or team sucked it up and pushed our guild out of T4 content and in to the world of T5 and SSC/The Eye..woot!!

Grats to Dan and Lisa who got their T4 chest, Celoria who got the Head of Gruul..Barasi who recieved Mags Eye..Sneakyfeet whom won an epic with a 3..LOL

Ted..my man you did a fantastic job of tanking Mag like a champ!!!
Everyone did a fantastic job...I am so happy for our guild right now...it has ushered in a new era..we are not a Kara guild any longer..we are a SSC guild now!!!!

Some of the fights in our near future will be:
Hydros, Lurker and A'lar and VR..We have put attempts in on VR and Lurker..but nothing like our team did last night..no whining..no bitching..just attempts..some folks had to go...we had their subs in before anyone got ancy..

All in all..UBER!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Put your game face back on..lol

Greetings all:)

I hope you had a good holiday and spent lots of time with your loved ones..or people you like at the very least lol

I was having a great holiday season untill boxing day when after getting my Alt Lock to 69.5 came down with a wicked sinus infection that knocked me out untill Dec 30th:P (and even that wasnt untill evening:P)
But Me Dottie, trey and Brian all have another 70 now..woot and grats to all:)

I need to gear up my lock..so we ran Kara this week..I managed to get Moroes back piece, boots from opera and a neck piece from Prince..not bad but next week I will put my lock in another group and take my main with Dotties Sp and Treys healbot so that we can gear out Dottie:)

Tonight marks the start of a progression run that hopefully will see the end of Mag..which if he doesnt die tonight we are going to keep going at him untill he is dead..so hopefully it is tonight..then we can maybe hit up Lurker Saturday night...Ideally mag tonight..then starting tuesday net week we can do:
HKM/Gruul/Mag all in one night..then Friday/Sat in SSC..progression raids suck for those who dont like to die..but I play a mage who dies all the time and I will die all night for a month to finally kill a new boss:)

We have the best tank's on the server as far as attitude and drive to progress..Ted, Tom, Drew, Trey in Bear..all will die for the cause..(Reid you arent on the list because I dont know if your coming:P)..I am sure Bloodsky may have better geared tanks..but they should rename their guild BloodDS because all their real good players came from elsewhere:P

I will all my guildies the best of luck tonight and lets give hellfire the 10% buff!!!