Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1/4 Mt Hyjal

Yes yes..

We zoned in with a core group and downed a T6 boss lol

Cant wait for the 1st boss in BT..we had him to 60% with a non core grp that was there for shits and giggles lol

Grats to Rob and Dottie for their new bracers:)

Grats to everyone on the epic trash that place lol

Mk 4/6 ssc 3/4 Tk and now 1/4 Hyjal

WTB Raydz back!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

2 pc bonus ftw!!!

Ello all:)

Our merry band of raiders went back to SSC last night with hopes of killing a new boss:P

Well we are now 4/6 SSC after a 3 shot of FLK:)

He is sooooo easy..almost had him the first try..2nd try a tank got 1 shot ..3rd try was cake:)

Your humble blogger is now 2pc t5 and has gone back to arcane/fire woot:)
Also the first in our guild with 2pc's of T5:)

Grats to Dottie for getting her 1st pc of T5..woot!:) over 2.2k healing now:)

Fireyes got a T5 leg too..grats:)

We finished off the night in Hyjal farming trash..which was fun fun fun:)

Leo Sunday or Monday for 5/6 SSC..woot:)

Grats to all:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chaos ..Err..Farm night..err WTF?

Tuesday is reset day as everyone knows..

I thought the plan was to hit SSC and go for FLK after Hydross/Lurker and Tidewalker..But I was wrong

That caused a few issues as most of the core was at SSC when we were being told it was gruul/mag/then ssc..well WTF..everytime I set something up it gets taken over and people get mad..well I was one of the people pissed last night because we are supposed to be going to SSC not farting around with Mag/Gruul..we can do that on the weekend when we can gear up the non raiders or Hell..let them start there own 25 man and leave us out of it...ok almost done ranting:P

We all protest about Gruul and we say ok to Mag..then we wtfwipe 3 times because of real bad luck..DC's and early clicks and a flame patch on a cube that killed the clicker..So we say fuck this and head to SSC..Then the real trouble starts...

I am one of the last people reinvited to the raid for SSC..when I get in its almost full except for the 2 tanks..but there is major problems with ur set up..WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GOOD PLAYERS FROM THE OTHER RAID?

I was fucking pissed that Rob wasnt in the group..Like REALLY PISSED!!! he just transfers back because he couldnt raid with his other guild and then gets WTFPWN'D from the raid he was just in?
After bitching my face off I tell the leader that im stepping for him..except he has DC'd and isnt online..
Rob..that will NEVER happen to you again or ima random boot someone from the raid to get your spot back.

Lisa is an awesome lady and runs the guild well..she just doesnt like to piss people off..well thats my job and I do it quite well..There will be some unhappy people Thursday and I dont give a shit lol

We did end up getting Hydross/Lurker and Tidewalker down..even though we were all dead..yes a wipe with a boss kill:P

Grats to Scott on now being the little gnome mage of death with his new shoulders from Tidewalker

Last pc of Business for todays Blog..

Tom..You have Class officer sitting here waiting for you..yes we voted you in even though you havent come back yet:P
Plus you are our now best geared tank..hello MT'ing with Ted lol

Im f'ing tired

Look Friday for Leo and FLK kills

Friday, April 4, 2008

Opps LOL

So last night we rolled in to SSC to do Tidewalker and Leo..

What we ended up with was 1.5 hours of WoW gremlins lol
Our MT for Tidewalker on 3 attempts had the same problem..his bear wouldnt attack..only auto that and a double DC from our MT and our Murlock tank = fun and frovility lol
so we got everything fixed and had Blankz attack Tidewalker twice to make sure it did and boom Tidewalker was dead and I got my mage trinket:)

So..we go to do Leo ...

I port my mage back to shat and jump on my lock..wait 15-20 mins to get an invite and a summon while they are clearing trash to Leo..

Turns out we made a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up at Fathom Lord LOL I LOL IRL at that..but what ever..we are MK and decide to try him..
We spent 30 mins while everyone read up and watched videos..I contemplated how to get my mage there and off my fire resist lock lol

We did 2 attemps before we called it for the night..It was fun..we are going back tonight to kill him...when it isnt 1230 in the morning and all our est coasters arent falling a sleep lol

Tonight..aiming for 5/6 SSC FTW!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Long awaited new blog ftw


It has been a long long time since I last did the Here you go:P


Doomwalker owned
Solarian owned
Void reavor owned
A'lar owned

We have a strong raid grp now..always extras ready:)

Awaiting the return of Araxe our leet Dps hunter whom transfered to BWL to raid with Tom..Also awaiting the return of Tom..our MT Drew has been itching to play his other toons in 25mans..and Tom has the gear and the skill to step in...maybe even for FLK and in Hyjal and for kael and vash

I have my lock in FR gear..303 unbuffed..need bracers and a pali aura to get over 400..So I am ready for Leo the blind..bring it!!

MK ftw !!!!