Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh what a night!

*cue 70's disco music*

Last night the Red heads headed in to 25 man naxx with Daywins guild..

It went fantastic!

1 shot every boss in two wings..only wiped on patchwork and finished the night on I hate that boss:P

We took first time naxx peeps..people in blues..healers wearing the wrong class of gear and a few who have never seen a raid before let alone end game (not that naxx is real hard lol)

It was a bit of a home coming if you will..names and voices that I had not ran with in over a year filled the screen and in vent.

It was fun!

Loot was not put to was free roll and only 2 items were d/e'd

Greens were split between the two guilds..any shards were shared.

It was a very very good night..cant wait for Sunday!

On a side note..

If my blog has hurt you're feelings in any shape or form..

Get over it..I blog for me not for you..don't like it...then GTFO!

I had not updated my blog in a long time..but you gave me a reason to express what was going on..maybe I owe some thanks for that..but I am a big jerk so I will not thank you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uldar and more drama

The info about the raid is out..another 14 bosses and not all og them will hit the ptr..that last part is sweet..lets see how fast the uber raiders that bemoaned wotlk as too easy do when they cant test it 24/7 like the rest of us lol

I was informed last night that people read my blog and used it as a reason to gquit mk..see the mature comment from the changes blog....really? you didnt like my wall o text?

it crit you that hard?

All I can say about that is this..

You brought mk to its knees and then you moved on to another guild..priceless

The funny part is that I have been told that if those that left to avoid the drama that was going on return to mk that you and yours would go back you could see everyone leave again?

I have not gone back to MK as of yet..not sure if I will at this point..but what I do know is that it matters not to me what g tag is under their names.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cha Cha Changes....

So it has been a very very long time since I last posted anything..litch is out..I have 2 80's and have cleared every heroic raid except Mayglos..but all has not been well on ole AOS

It started back in December when everyone was trying to get to 80..I took my time with my leveling partner to get to 80..learning new talents and such..and that was after deciding what toon to level first..

Guild drama is never a good thing..but it raised its ugly head again as we drew deeper in to litch king..lack of help..people sticking to their grps..those of us that took our time leveling had to "pug" tanks and heals for instances while the guys that raced to 80 ran heroics and got geared up for naxx..

When I finally hit 80 I noticed just how bad the split in the guild dps with my healer friend we could not find a grp to save our lives..while the other grp of 80's were running with 2 warriors and a dk in the 3 tanking toons saved to 1 grp..see the problem? they couldnt.

When we started running 25 man naxx when we had enough 80's in the guild those first grp of 80's were hard after the gm to use a loot system of their BC you could get mkp by donations/gold/mats not so in Wotlk...which say what you will was directed right at my circle of friends..we kept the guild in pots/flasks and mats ..farmed our butts off to ensure we could raid in BC..but the other grp whined because they figured it was an unfair advantadge in the new content so it was we stopped farming for the guild..showed for every raid and just were guildies for the most part.

About a month ago the real drama started when the guilds MT wanted officership back..he was one pre litch but he gquit the night before the major nerf patch to start his own guild for wotlk..then came back when we were back raiding prior to litch arriving...Myself and few of the other officers objected to him being reinstated to ochat due to him leaving...but not only the leaving part but the fact that he tried to take our entire core raiding team with him..that was a slap in the face..after much fighting in ochat about it and me being passed over for the GM role of MK (which btw still do not understand how that happened..not that the new GM was a bad choice..just passing it to someone who only logged on to raid 3 days a week made no sense) he was made "raid leader" the only person with that rank..he had ochat and was handed the reins of our progression..

He and his grp felt as if they had been slapped in the face...which they showed by dropping trains during boss tactics being discussed in vent..very mature
I was tasked with keeping him inline (as a favor to the old gm) which I said I would try..but the first argument with him in ochat he quit the wtf..and he called me hard to deal with..I called the gm and said wtf..get on and fix it.

As I got my 2nd toon to tank ..things went down hill fast..

We could not get anyone from naxx grp 1 to run with us this past week..when one of the best geared healers said he would help us they called him a traitor..he ended up not going:(

This week there was no 25 set to my knowledge so we set our 10 man grp for Thursday so we could finally clear it on our alts..thats when the fun really started lol

I log on to find out that not only was there a 25 man..but that people were super upset that we would have the balls to run against a 25 man on the same the person they took their anger out on was my good friend..that pissed me off greatly..but once on I did not get the same treatment...

Why did I end up leaving MK?

The straw that did it for me was a comment from someone I thought was my friend in mk..a fellow officer..someone who I had loaned ton's of gold to and never asked for anything in return..said the following to my friend..please not this may not be the exact words..but the jist..

"You need to put the guild ahead of your personal needs"

Anyone that knows me online..knows that for the past 8-9 months I did nothing but put the guilds needs before my own..that goes double for my dear friend..While people were off getting married and finishing school...doing irl stuff ..we were on dealing with the bullcrap..

"You need to put the guild ahead of your personal needs"

Said the guy who leveled a toon to 70 in secret so he didnt have to raid with us in BC

The guy who would log off 10 mins before a raid and log back on after it was over..

After talking it over with my close friend I had decided that the time had come to go..

I told the guild that was on that I was leaving..didnt saying anything towards anyone just a thanks and good luck...kicked out all my alts and left.

Then something that I sorta knew would happen...others left..not just a few..but a whole bunch of toons were now standing around me in Dalaran with no guild what to do?

*Red headed step children* was born lol
It seems that my frustrations with how things had been in mk was shared by a majority of I post this there are people who are about to leave..they are just waiting for the next step..

What is the next step?

A new guild is about to it a rebirth of MK..only with a new name..people that had left us over the past 9 months because of the same issues I had are lining up for the new guild..the majority of MK's leaders have left..some have joing red headed..some formed up a small guild on their own.

The new guid forming soon will focus on fun!

BTW.. On a personal note I want to thank Dora and Drew for their support over the 2+ years I was in leaving was not a shot at them..Lots of <3 for you both and we will stay in touch..hell I want you both to gquit and join us next week.
Trelic..Sorry that you had to read about it on the website and I am pretty sure had you not been busy with school and such you could have helped put this off a while longer..but I have nothing but respect for you and wish you well and good luck this school year.

KK end rant