Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fork in the road...

Friends..Raiding..both do not seem to mix all that well..

Monday we went to 25 uld for the first 2 bosses..ok..so we ended up killing FL hardmode..then wiped for a while on XT (which we 1 shot the week before).

So we decided to go finish up Naxx 25..we only had Gluth, Thad and Saph and KT left..

well 3 outta 4 aint bad...wipe on KT much? just a little:(

We couldnt figure out why our mele was just blowing up...after the raid we figured it was because a DK kept dropping DnD on the boss..hiding the red circles of death.

After the raid..

The psts started from the core..

They are tired of the bad raids..

One idea was take the core and merge with Honnors guild and run 10's..i like the idea but why would a 10 man guild take in 20 people lol

The other idea was..

A new guild..running 10 mans only..

Cue the Eric Clapton music..

Because we are the crossroads.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hand of SalVation

Good day eveyone..if there is anyone left reading this lol

3 months after the start of SalVation we have grown in to a full fledge raiding raid guild, we have 3 Ulduar 10 grps and a 25 Naxx team..we are about to make the jump to 25 Uld.

The grp as a whole from new members to our vets are very chill..which is great.
The officer core has grown, we have set out some good rules for our members..which we have applied fairly..an example..

If you start a raid with us..you are to stay unless something rl comes up.
We have had 3 times now where people have "had to leave" and then showed up a short time later in arenas or in a pug raid..

When that has happened..it is discussed and the result is usually a gkick.

I am in 2 10 man Ulduar grps..1 tanking 1 dps..Raist is in the progression grp and we are working on mim atm..Lee is in the 2nd grp and we are working on the watchers finally.

I plan to update my blog more ofton now..lol

Grats to Honors for his Ulduar clear and his twisted interview:)
Grats to Dora and Brindal on the birth of their baby lock:)

Talk to you all soon:)