Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gruul..and setting up a raid

We actually went and tried Gruul last night..woot!

We had to 2 shot the High target resisted my spell steal and I got one shotted and that caused a wipe..:P

ARG...Gruul....did not get him close to dead

During the raid an un-named healer was flapping their gums about our tanks and how we must do it and it started to get on my freaking nerves..we have leet tanks in our guild..overall we have leet healers..BUT if that healer cant keep our tanks alive in Kara and then again in Gruul...they should STFU about how it should be done because their "say" doesnt matter and if they dont like it..GTFO!

I will say that both Tom and Ted did an awsome did our core healers and our dps was top notch..hell I even went 10/48/3 last night...but if people cant stay in their Slam zones and not own our healers...then we will never kill him..ever

We are trying again tonight...WTB all our Locks online

As for progression...

I posted on our guild raid boards a sign up sheet for trying some t5 bosses..starting with Loot Reaver in the is easier than Gruul and has T5 shoulders and 2 more epics..woot

If this blog pisses you off..

Well then dont be an asshat and you wont feel the /wrath


BTW..wtb Honors for Mech this weekend

Friday, October 26, 2007

Warriors, Rogues and Warlocks Oh My!!!

Good day all:)

Wednesday was "Alt day" for my circle of WoW..Dottie, Scott, Mike, Brian and myself ran Brd on our 50's was fun..we did it ass backwards..but it was fun..I got a set of gloves that were a nice upgrade:) 1/2 a level.

Thursday was a very fun started with Dottie and myself helping a friend of hers run Setthik(sp:P) hall in the bone wastes...that was a good run..I respect to 7/51/3 fire for it ..

Full fire is a sweet dps spec...just lose about 2k in mana vs my 47/14 arc spec..I rocked the damage chart..the other mage wasn't even close:P

Then it was PVP time...3v3 featuring Mike, Dottie and myself vs everyone else..

We brought our rating up over a 100 points to finish the night at 1430ish..from the 1308 it was..way to go !!!!

In our wins..We cleaned the point that we would try to get Dottie the killing blow on the last our defeats...well..warriors, Rogues and warlocks oh my..

Worst fight of the night was a team of 2 locks and a pali..damn..two fel hunters..I spent the entire duration spell locked..and it was game over for me..after we lost to them..we changed strats...kill those damn fel works well..its like killing a bm hunters pet..once the pet is is its master

The other bad team of the night..2 rogues and a pali..I didnt get a spell off lol..just red numbers going up my screen..Dottie is a leet healer drudad (prolly the best on the server) and even she couldn't keep me up with the 2k and 3k crits they were getting on me..if I had no would have been worse:P..prolly 4-5k crits lol

Some of the real bad teams...hunter,rogue and pali..that had me lol irl when we fought them..

I get sapped..Pop my trinket and watch the rogue heading for Dottie..AP POM Pyro hits him for 5200..he los my fireblast..but instead of him popping cloak of shadows..he sprints and tries to bandage..while my ignite is ticking him for 1.k LOL..he got 425 hp back lol..pali hits him for a small heal...Arcane missiles hit him for 1.4, 1.1,1.7 dead lol..the pali gave up

Rogue, hunter and druid team..the rogue was by far the worst one EVER!!!..he got behind me while i was attacking the druid..and was hitting me for 100,124,200,600 crit lol..the druid went los so I switched to the hunter..all the while this rogue was hitting me..I was LOL irl..hunter dead..I think Mike sicked big red pig on the rogue and I Ap POM him..hes dead lol
Druid goes bear...In vent I say.."Hello Mr bear..Heres your helping of Arcane missiles"..all I hear is LOL'ng in vent..bear dies:)

The drama for the night ...

Nakedfighter...the master of the Gchat flirt..even on the a helping of his own medicine from a few guildies..they called him "Snukums"...for about 5 mins..he asked them to stop..they kept going..he gkicked them..they got invited back he kicked all of his alts out..and then

Then he quit the 5v5 team.../ much as naked can be a dick...he was an awesome pvp guy and I learned a lot from him about arena

So..the plan is for HKM and Gruul tonight..9 server time


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Raiding? what do you mean raiding?

After reading Honors blog today I can clearly see that I am not the only one starting to get frustrated with our progress....

Tuesday is reset day in WoW..

That should mean that A- Kill HKM and attempt Gruul
B- Run Kara again for the 40th week straight
C- Have 2 Kara groups too early the other too late

Well..the answer last night was C..bogus imo

When you get to where our guild is at and add players to fill out the missing pieces and then dont raid...that can cause more problems than not being able to kill a 25man boss...boredom in a guild is like will eat away at your group..and all it takes is one person to bolt..and then more will follow...then you dont have one Kara group..let alone enough to attempt a 25 man...dire prediction?

No..honest reality

The reason we have some of the players we do is because we were starting to progress...then we stop doing 25 man content and run Kara...

Then we go back to killing HKM and attempt Gruul..get him to 4%

Then we stop

It was reset day yesterday...

There are guilds in SSC..the EYE and even a few in Mt Hyjl and there is one in the BT..I want to raid..and last night

Well last night...

I farmed trees in Skettis with Dottie till we were both sick of it...then we Pwn'd some noobs in arena....Which in itself was a great night hanging with Dottie:)

But when it comes down to it....The answer of why Kara used to be "to gear players up"..well last night there were 3 alts in Kara...I wasnt asked to go and I got pestered all night by people wondering WTF with not running HKM/Gruul when it was posted in our guild forums

I was asked by 2 other guilds to raid with in SSC the other Magtheridon....and no I wont tell you who they were but I will tell you I might go next time to see how much fun lay ahead..

I wont bolt on this guild...

But I want to raid...IMHO Kara isnt raiding...its farming

I wont be playing my main this week..
Going to level my lock with Dotties SP

Thanks for reading and keep up the good fight!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lazy days..not really

Been lazy and not posting lol

Recap of the last few days..

Dotslover still 52..but now 340 enchanting/340 tailoring

Raistilan..still 70 but now 375 tailor/185 mining

Have been watching my bank slowly dwindle down and down lol

Gotta do my dailies lol

Played on the test to the first boss in ZA..woot..tons of HP and hits like truck

Helped Lisa and Drew get keyed for kara Monday and in the process managed to piss off one our 5v5 team mates by helping guildies get keyed...

We then tried to do 5v5 and couldnt because we couldnt add anyone to the team..grrr
So..I started a new team..that is sitting @1500 after 10 games which is awsome:)
WTB everyone from other team:)

Its a reset day..


Wednesday, October 17, 2007 did we wipe?

I am not very good at the whole lore of warcrack..Hence why I just babble:P
If you want a blog with some lore to it..Honors is the man:)

The evening started off so promising..

I was asked by Lisa to run Shadow labs for Drew, Lisa and a Lock from our guild..I was down for got even better with the addition of Trey bear the uber Drudad (Feral tanking/LEET dps kitty)
Things went smooth for the first bit..other than having to drink between each dead mob because there would be another mob coming as soon as that one was dead..grr mana:P
I only died once when we took 2 grps at one time..damn chain pulling LOL
It was a great run..Lisa got a new blue for her hunter and hit 69..drew got lots of marks for rep..
And I won a neither..woot a neither in regular SL :)

Then came the fight I look forward to every week..I get to tank a ?? boss..sweet!

You see..there is this King..he really pisses me off..High King Mulgar is an ass clown of epic status..he and his grp of cronies talk trash about our guild all the time..and every week we go and slap him and his buddies in their big drooling pie holes..
My personal beef is with this mage..Krosh is a dick..he said my gear sucks and that I look girly in my Spellfire set..damn it!!

We gather at the cave in Blades Edge..a 25 person grp of the finest Mal Katai has to offer and we go in...the King has a few gaurds..squishy imo:P

I run up and I am about to lay the smack down on that loud mouth mage when the boss stops me..we are not ready..DAMN:P

I forgot..we only had 24..and our 25th had just arrived but was doing some priestly things..what those are..who knows:P

We are all ready..Woot I get to start the fight..
I hit him with a Pyroblast right to the kisser..followed by another...then he hit me..ouch! 6k to my face..but I have Tommy the holy pali throwing blessings at me faster than Kroshies spells..Our Hunter's have left their Big mouth laying in a pool of his own pee calling for his mommy! they come to aid me in smacking Kroshie..woot I think he soiled himself with my last blast LOL

YES!!!! we are still 25..The King ..well he isn't looking to shit hot..all his cronies are in the fetal position crying:P
We are now 25 on 1 takes less than 2 mins to make him tap out ..but we didn't stop..this was ongoing every we ended it! By ending him!

It turns out that the King was also a thief..on searching his dead body..

Honors got his Shoulders back
Crunk got his Shoulders back
Tommy got his mace back..see told you I didn't borrow it:P

We took a run at Gruul..but he did not want to fight..soon..soon

There is some lore for you all:P

Grats on the loots guys:)

Grats to Tommy on the promotion

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Not an very stunning title..meh:P

That is what we got that big drooling douche down too..and I don't mean nakedfighter's mom LOL
Yes..Gruul down to 4% and then we wiped..and having said that..we did not have 2 of the people we needed..Jypsy the Sp and Clark on either his Lock or his Sp..had we had either or both..I would be gratsing people on their phat loots:(

Ran Dadruid through Scholomance before Gruul last night..he got a whole crap load of xp and the head piece he grats to you:)

I leveled my Lock to 52..Dottie got to 53..woot..deanna hit 60 on her lock woot again:)

We are doing HKM and hopefully Gruul tonight...I respec'd back to 41/20/0 from the 24/37/0 I was for Gruul Sunday/Monday...need to have slow if I am dueling has saved me and Dottie in arena more than a few times:P

Down to 1.8k in gold..need to farm with Dottie and get back to doing dailies

Damn it Raydz get DSL LOL (just kidding)

WTB Prince dead this week and that stupid dagger to drop..the mindblade and an off hand from heroics would give me +70 fire damage over my current set up:P

Get your shit together guys and lets get past Gruuls and in to Mag or SSC trash FTW!!!

GL tonight in any event..still the best guild on the server..even if Lissy is back in our midst:P

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Big Drooling #$%$$#

Good day good day...

The weekend was a busy one..

Lock to 51 my enchanting to 354 this am before work..woot!

Gruul down to 24%

WTB people who can stay for an entire raid!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday night lights

Nope..not a football posting lol

I log in last night and with in 2 mins I get a pst from Sevenn about kara and if I would go with them...I had not planned on running kara this week because I was told it was a week to get other people some gear..But being the good guildie that I am I said I would go...But then our GM was late getting on and Sevenn bailed..I was like WTF?
So..we run kara starting at Curator..easy pezy
Then we go to Shade and 1 shot him ...with out being poly'd..sweet:)
Best of all..Jypsy (fmr guildie from 2 fmr guilds and a hellava nice guy) Got all the loots from Shade..Woot!..the Shoulders and the boots..Grats man!!!

They say they are going to do chess..I step out for Deil who needs chess...

But they go do Netherspite on the way..So I log on to my an EPIC TAILORING PATTERN!!!..Boots of the long road...ah..its boots are bop damn it lol
I sent it to Lisa

Netherspite did not go so the point that folks got yelled at and were not spoken to very nicely..I was in vent listening and yeah well....that is all I will say about that

While they were racking up repair bills ..I was racking up kills outside kara..Funniest moment of the night:
A guy (Marklarr)who ripped me off on mats back around lvl 40 sends me a whisper about horde in front of kara..
My response "I remember you..."
His "There are alot"
Me "Your a pussy"
I charging in...Only 2 horde there
I then arcane power/POM and 1 shot a priest 5699 crit and one 1150 ignite tick LOL
I then trinket (still have arcane power) and arcane missle (4/5 crits for 1645 each lol) and fireblast...rogue dies
Raistilan 2 Power of madness 0 LOL

Then mr Marlarr runs in to kara after watching me clear him a path..Pussy (pardon my french)

After running around and killing horde for over an hour...they start to 2v1 me..damn them and their not wanting fair fights

No Prince tonight..WTF!

I log ...after waiting over an hour to fight prince and having a sore tounge and wasted my evening

I love the guild...

The guild is attempting Gruul tonight

As for me...?

Total repair/pots/regents/pattern 1.25k gold

Grats Honors for your epic loots Friday night from your kara group:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sleepy Wednesday

Wednesday was slooooooooow

I missed kara..lisa not waiting ftl:(

Farmed a bit..only 60 gold ish:P

Helped Fanzor get his new staff at the ring of blood..

Ran around and ganked some horde:P

Did the Skettis dalies with Celoria..then we pvp'd with Trelic and Oslo in Skettis..chikenshit horde.

We then went to do our 3v3 ( w/cel and oslo) we went 7-2..woot woot! team work ftw!

getting good at the whole pvp thing..cant wait for the arena chest piece..prolly 2 more weeks..woot:)

See you in game

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turkey day long weekend

Good day :-)

Where to start..was a very busy weekend

Heroic mech is getting easier each time we long as we have our tank of choice..Honorshammer FTW imo..we tried with a pug tank last week..omg suckage

Tried it with a non tanking druid..wipeage ftl..and a 56g repair bill

But when we have honors..everyone steps it part because I think we want him to think we are good enough to run it with him and impress him:-) and its an easy 5 badges!

Saturdays 2v2 with Cel started ruff..but we started to get a rythem and managed to go 7-7 woot!

Sunday kinda sorta sucked, my Mom had her internet go down, I tried for 2 hours to get it up and running...finally deciding on a new modem..She gets it..I install it and it works..woot
Later that day I go to log in and my net is down..Cable company when registering her new modem..shut off my gaming hour later I am time to run heroic mech and do dailies with Cel before she had to log...then farming ftw

Farming is something this lazy mage is good at..I can farm for hours..I see the big
I skinned 150 gold worth of clefthoof leather, 20 gold in scraps, 20 gold in junk and 6 greens for my lock to d/e for mats not bad for an hour and a bit
I also farmed (in a 24 hr span) 15 stacks of netherweave, 11 fel arms, 110 marks of sagreas and 5 greens for my lock..

Total for the weekend farming roughly 500 gold not including dailies woot

Monday was a farm fest and starting new dailies in netherwing ledge..going for our dragons:)
We did our dailies in record time..sans netherwing..good those are long and sucky:P

Ran a few WSG with the guild..we went 1-1..almost 1000 honor though

Then came gruuls..3 him to 39%
From my angle..I had to keep going forward to dps and then run back to avoid the shatter..we need to keep that big ugly "thing" in the middle and need to lose 2 healers..we need 2 tanks, 18 dps and 5 healbots ftw!!
We are going tonight(Tuesday) to kill HKM and take shots at Gruul..mage tank ftw!

The Weekend ended on a high note..our 5v5 team..and major props to everyone involved:
Celoria, Heliousmunde, Stdbakerhawk, Nakedfighter, Oslo, Arbethon, Deil and myself (Yes that is more than 5..but we can have up to ten on the team) we went 14-4 and raised or rating to 1438..nicely done guys..(And I beat Naked in a duel..woot)

I hope this finds you all well...See you in Blades edge tonight for some 25 man raids!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nightbane ftl

Good day good day:P

We ran Kara last night with a very solid group...most of our core was there minus the guilds MT Brindall who was out "playing" in the woods lol
We smoked everything we faced in short order..untill Nightbane

Night bane is a sub 10 min fight that has been cake for months ...last night it was more like cod liver oil..not anyones just didnt go well..first wipe on him I died in the first flight phase..I got owned by his rain of bones (which has NEVER happened before)...then Clark got owned as soon as the boss down 2 of the top 4 dpsers 2 mins in to the fight..which it looked like it was 8 man ftw...I got a battle rez from Celoria at 11%...then sneaky pulled hate...dead, raydz dead...honors dead..then it was easy pickings for the boss:(

Same scenerio on attempt 2 through 5 we said screw it...we did some swapping of some guildies..brought Jypsy in to the raid...(Jypsy and I go way back to when I was a lvl 22 mage running around leveling my ass off...I got invited to join a guild called "Phantasma" and he was in it prior to me getting there...same guild with him untill I was lvl 64 and the guild went to the crapper:P..then I joined his guild "Atlantis reborn" untill I hooked up with Mal Katai")..It was Jypsy's first taste of Kara and I was hoping the staff that I have would drop from the boss for such luck:P...but we still kicked curators ass and Tommy (Devona/Cellestia) got his t-4 gloves:)

Total repair repecing bill(total of 3 times..from 41/20 to 0/27/34 to 50/11 to 41/20)...197 gold ftl lol

Had to deal with some drama last night just before alt hunter of a lvl 70 rogue (adaman) started up being a dick in G was the 2nd time he was being douchie...I asked him to stop..he didnt..gkick him and his alt..less drama more fun:)

Dont be a douchie in guild chat or party chat...manners ftw

Shout out today to the Canadian troops helping out all over the world this Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada..Stay safe and stay the course <3 :)

Hopefully we will pwn Gruul this weekend...peace

Friday, October 5, 2007

First attempt

Good day all:)

A big thank you to my new Tankadin friend/guildie for putting up an awsome blog that inspired me to get one going:) Check it out!!! (Also tanks the crap outta heroic mech!)

We also have another Guildie Blogger that I found after the fact:P Raydz ..he is another one of our guilds MT's

About me:

30 something single guy from the great white north, my toons are:
Guild Officer of Mal Katai
Raistilan 70 mage (main)
Dotslover 50ish lock
Raistisapali 28 twink pali

I have my epic flyer (riding ray) going to farm honor to get my Dragon:-)
2 epic land mounts and 2 regular flying mounts
All my gear is epic, except for a blue trinket

My IRL friend is Arugala/Dadruid(alt) we have worked together for years
My other irl is Orisi/Deeslock(alt) also worked together for years

I am very lucky to have a great group of friends that I play WoW with ..opps thats right it is a "Guild" lol but w/e we have a blast most nights, have Kara and HKM on farm and should be getting Gruul dead this weekend and then Mag or SSC..woot

Want to throw a shout out to my partner in daily mischief Celoria the besto resto Dru Dad (op imo lol)

And truth be told...

I want to raid 4 nights a week and progress our guild to the Black Temple:-)

ok..need to work now..I will finish this soon though:)