Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday night lights

Nope..not a football posting lol

I log in last night and with in 2 mins I get a pst from Sevenn about kara and if I would go with them...I had not planned on running kara this week because I was told it was a week to get other people some gear..But being the good guildie that I am I said I would go...But then our GM was late getting on and Sevenn bailed..I was like WTF?
So..we run kara starting at Curator..easy pezy
Then we go to Shade and 1 shot him ...with out being poly'd..sweet:)
Best of all..Jypsy (fmr guildie from 2 fmr guilds and a hellava nice guy) Got all the loots from Shade..Woot!..the Shoulders and the boots..Grats man!!!

They say they are going to do chess..I step out for Deil who needs chess...

But they go do Netherspite on the way..So I log on to my an EPIC TAILORING PATTERN!!!..Boots of the long road...ah..its boots are bop damn it lol
I sent it to Lisa

Netherspite did not go so the point that folks got yelled at and were not spoken to very nicely..I was in vent listening and yeah well....that is all I will say about that

While they were racking up repair bills ..I was racking up kills outside kara..Funniest moment of the night:
A guy (Marklarr)who ripped me off on mats back around lvl 40 sends me a whisper about horde in front of kara..
My response "I remember you..."
His "There are alot"
Me "Your a pussy"
I charging in...Only 2 horde there
I then arcane power/POM and 1 shot a priest 5699 crit and one 1150 ignite tick LOL
I then trinket (still have arcane power) and arcane missle (4/5 crits for 1645 each lol) and fireblast...rogue dies
Raistilan 2 Power of madness 0 LOL

Then mr Marlarr runs in to kara after watching me clear him a path..Pussy (pardon my french)

After running around and killing horde for over an hour...they start to 2v1 me..damn them and their not wanting fair fights

No Prince tonight..WTF!

I log ...after waiting over an hour to fight prince and having a sore tounge and wasted my evening

I love the guild...

The guild is attempting Gruul tonight

As for me...?

Total repair/pots/regents/pattern 1.25k gold

Grats Honors for your epic loots Friday night from your kara group:)

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Raydz said...

1.25k gold <--- i hate you since you have that much to even spend.
Looks like i got lucky by leaving after curator though since there was apparently drama