Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sleepy Wednesday

Wednesday was slooooooooow

I missed kara..lisa not waiting ftl:(

Farmed a bit..only 60 gold ish:P

Helped Fanzor get his new staff at the ring of blood..

Ran around and ganked some horde:P

Did the Skettis dalies with Celoria..then we pvp'd with Trelic and Oslo in Skettis..chikenshit horde.

We then went to do our 3v3 ( w/cel and oslo) we went 7-2..woot woot! team work ftw!

getting good at the whole pvp thing..cant wait for the arena chest piece..prolly 2 more weeks..woot:)

See you in game

1 comment:

Raydz said...

I missed kara as well,
Lets grab some peeps and go tonight?