Friday, October 26, 2007

Warriors, Rogues and Warlocks Oh My!!!

Good day all:)

Wednesday was "Alt day" for my circle of WoW..Dottie, Scott, Mike, Brian and myself ran Brd on our 50's was fun..we did it ass backwards..but it was fun..I got a set of gloves that were a nice upgrade:) 1/2 a level.

Thursday was a very fun started with Dottie and myself helping a friend of hers run Setthik(sp:P) hall in the bone wastes...that was a good run..I respect to 7/51/3 fire for it ..

Full fire is a sweet dps spec...just lose about 2k in mana vs my 47/14 arc spec..I rocked the damage chart..the other mage wasn't even close:P

Then it was PVP time...3v3 featuring Mike, Dottie and myself vs everyone else..

We brought our rating up over a 100 points to finish the night at 1430ish..from the 1308 it was..way to go !!!!

In our wins..We cleaned the point that we would try to get Dottie the killing blow on the last our defeats...well..warriors, Rogues and warlocks oh my..

Worst fight of the night was a team of 2 locks and a pali..damn..two fel hunters..I spent the entire duration spell locked..and it was game over for me..after we lost to them..we changed strats...kill those damn fel works well..its like killing a bm hunters pet..once the pet is is its master

The other bad team of the night..2 rogues and a pali..I didnt get a spell off lol..just red numbers going up my screen..Dottie is a leet healer drudad (prolly the best on the server) and even she couldn't keep me up with the 2k and 3k crits they were getting on me..if I had no would have been worse:P..prolly 4-5k crits lol

Some of the real bad teams...hunter,rogue and pali..that had me lol irl when we fought them..

I get sapped..Pop my trinket and watch the rogue heading for Dottie..AP POM Pyro hits him for 5200..he los my fireblast..but instead of him popping cloak of shadows..he sprints and tries to bandage..while my ignite is ticking him for 1.k LOL..he got 425 hp back lol..pali hits him for a small heal...Arcane missiles hit him for 1.4, 1.1,1.7 dead lol..the pali gave up

Rogue, hunter and druid team..the rogue was by far the worst one EVER!!!..he got behind me while i was attacking the druid..and was hitting me for 100,124,200,600 crit lol..the druid went los so I switched to the hunter..all the while this rogue was hitting me..I was LOL irl..hunter dead..I think Mike sicked big red pig on the rogue and I Ap POM him..hes dead lol
Druid goes bear...In vent I say.."Hello Mr bear..Heres your helping of Arcane missiles"..all I hear is LOL'ng in vent..bear dies:)

The drama for the night ...

Nakedfighter...the master of the Gchat flirt..even on the a helping of his own medicine from a few guildies..they called him "Snukums"...for about 5 mins..he asked them to stop..they kept going..he gkicked them..they got invited back he kicked all of his alts out..and then

Then he quit the 5v5 team.../ much as naked can be a dick...he was an awesome pvp guy and I learned a lot from him about arena

So..the plan is for HKM and Gruul tonight..9 server time



Raydz said...

Hopefully i get in on some HKM action tonight, i have secured myself a good isp tonight! =P

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