Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Not an very stunning title..meh:P

That is what we got that big drooling douche down too..and I don't mean nakedfighter's mom LOL
Yes..Gruul down to 4% and then we wiped..and having said that..we did not have 2 of the people we needed..Jypsy the Sp and Clark on either his Lock or his Sp..had we had either or both..I would be gratsing people on their phat loots:(

Ran Dadruid through Scholomance before Gruul last night..he got a whole crap load of xp and the head piece he wanted..so grats to you:)

I leveled my Lock to 52..Dottie got to 53..woot..deanna hit 60 on her lock woot again:)

We are doing HKM and hopefully Gruul tonight...I respec'd back to 41/20/0 from the 24/37/0 I was for Gruul Sunday/Monday...need to have slow if I am dueling mele..it has saved me and Dottie in arena more than a few times:P

Down to 1.8k in gold..need to farm with Dottie and get back to doing dailies

Damn it Raydz get DSL LOL (just kidding)

WTB Prince dead this week and that stupid dagger to drop..the mindblade and an off hand from heroics would give me +70 fire damage over my current set up:P

Get your shit together guys and lets get past Gruuls and in to Mag or SSC trash FTW!!!

GL tonight in any event..still the best guild on the server..even if Lissy is back in our midst:P

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Raydz said...

Dude id spend so much money on a good internet connection if i had any options.