Wednesday, October 17, 2007 did we wipe?

I am not very good at the whole lore of warcrack..Hence why I just babble:P
If you want a blog with some lore to it..Honors is the man:)

The evening started off so promising..

I was asked by Lisa to run Shadow labs for Drew, Lisa and a Lock from our guild..I was down for got even better with the addition of Trey bear the uber Drudad (Feral tanking/LEET dps kitty)
Things went smooth for the first bit..other than having to drink between each dead mob because there would be another mob coming as soon as that one was dead..grr mana:P
I only died once when we took 2 grps at one time..damn chain pulling LOL
It was a great run..Lisa got a new blue for her hunter and hit 69..drew got lots of marks for rep..
And I won a neither..woot a neither in regular SL :)

Then came the fight I look forward to every week..I get to tank a ?? boss..sweet!

You see..there is this King..he really pisses me off..High King Mulgar is an ass clown of epic status..he and his grp of cronies talk trash about our guild all the time..and every week we go and slap him and his buddies in their big drooling pie holes..
My personal beef is with this mage..Krosh is a dick..he said my gear sucks and that I look girly in my Spellfire set..damn it!!

We gather at the cave in Blades Edge..a 25 person grp of the finest Mal Katai has to offer and we go in...the King has a few gaurds..squishy imo:P

I run up and I am about to lay the smack down on that loud mouth mage when the boss stops me..we are not ready..DAMN:P

I forgot..we only had 24..and our 25th had just arrived but was doing some priestly things..what those are..who knows:P

We are all ready..Woot I get to start the fight..
I hit him with a Pyroblast right to the kisser..followed by another...then he hit me..ouch! 6k to my face..but I have Tommy the holy pali throwing blessings at me faster than Kroshies spells..Our Hunter's have left their Big mouth laying in a pool of his own pee calling for his mommy! they come to aid me in smacking Kroshie..woot I think he soiled himself with my last blast LOL

YES!!!! we are still 25..The King ..well he isn't looking to shit hot..all his cronies are in the fetal position crying:P
We are now 25 on 1 takes less than 2 mins to make him tap out ..but we didn't stop..this was ongoing every we ended it! By ending him!

It turns out that the King was also a thief..on searching his dead body..

Honors got his Shoulders back
Crunk got his Shoulders back
Tommy got his mace back..see told you I didn't borrow it:P

We took a run at Gruul..but he did not want to fight..soon..soon

There is some lore for you all:P

Grats on the loots guys:)

Grats to Tommy on the promotion

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