Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gruul..and setting up a raid

We actually went and tried Gruul last night..woot!

We had to 2 shot the High target resisted my spell steal and I got one shotted and that caused a wipe..:P

ARG...Gruul....did not get him close to dead

During the raid an un-named healer was flapping their gums about our tanks and how we must do it and it started to get on my freaking nerves..we have leet tanks in our guild..overall we have leet healers..BUT if that healer cant keep our tanks alive in Kara and then again in Gruul...they should STFU about how it should be done because their "say" doesnt matter and if they dont like it..GTFO!

I will say that both Tom and Ted did an awsome did our core healers and our dps was top notch..hell I even went 10/48/3 last night...but if people cant stay in their Slam zones and not own our healers...then we will never kill him..ever

We are trying again tonight...WTB all our Locks online

As for progression...

I posted on our guild raid boards a sign up sheet for trying some t5 bosses..starting with Loot Reaver in the is easier than Gruul and has T5 shoulders and 2 more epics..woot

If this blog pisses you off..

Well then dont be an asshat and you wont feel the /wrath


BTW..wtb Honors for Mech this weekend

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