Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turkey day long weekend

Good day :-)

Where to start..was a very busy weekend

Heroic mech is getting easier each time we go..as long as we have our tank of choice..Honorshammer FTW imo..we tried with a pug tank last week..omg suckage

Tried it with a non tanking druid..wipeage ftl..and a 56g repair bill

But when we have honors..everyone steps it up..in part because I think we want him to think we are good enough to run it with him and impress him:-) and its an easy 5 badges!

Saturdays 2v2 with Cel started ruff..but we started to get a rythem and managed to go 7-7 woot!

Sunday kinda sorta sucked, my Mom had her internet go down, I tried for 2 hours to get it up and running...finally deciding on a new modem..She gets it..I install it and it works..woot
Later that day I go to log in and my net is down..Cable company when registering her new modem..shut off my gaming modem..grr..an hour later I am on..in time to run heroic mech and do dailies with Cel before she had to log...then farming ftw

Farming is something this lazy mage is good at..I can farm for hours..I see the big picture..gold
I skinned 150 gold worth of clefthoof leather, 20 gold in scraps, 20 gold in junk and 6 greens for my lock to d/e for mats not bad for an hour and a bit
I also farmed (in a 24 hr span) 15 stacks of netherweave, 11 fel arms, 110 marks of sagreas and 5 greens for my lock..

Total for the weekend farming roughly 500 gold not including dailies woot

Monday was a farm fest and starting new dailies in netherwing ledge..going for our dragons:)
We did our dailies in record time..sans netherwing..good those are long and sucky:P

Ran a few WSG with the guild..we went 1-1..almost 1000 honor though

Then came gruuls..3 attemps..got him to 39%
From my angle..I had to keep going forward to dps and then run back to avoid the shatter..we need to keep that big ugly "thing" in the middle and need to lose 2 healers..we need 2 tanks, 18 dps and 5 healbots ftw!!
We are going tonight(Tuesday) to kill HKM and take shots at Gruul..mage tank ftw!

The Weekend ended on a high note..our 5v5 team..and major props to everyone involved:
Celoria, Heliousmunde, Stdbakerhawk, Nakedfighter, Oslo, Arbethon, Deil and myself (Yes that is more than 5..but we can have up to ten on the team) we went 14-4 and raised or rating to 1438..nicely done guys..(And I beat Naked in a duel..woot)

I hope this finds you all well...See you in Blades edge tonight for some 25 man raids!!!


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