Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nightbane ftl

Good day good day:P

We ran Kara last night with a very solid group...most of our core was there minus the guilds MT Brindall who was out "playing" in the woods lol
We smoked everything we faced in short order..untill Nightbane

Night bane is a sub 10 min fight that has been cake for months ...last night it was more like cod liver oil..not anyones just didnt go well..first wipe on him I died in the first flight phase..I got owned by his rain of bones (which has NEVER happened before)...then Clark got owned as soon as the boss down 2 of the top 4 dpsers 2 mins in to the fight..which it looked like it was 8 man ftw...I got a battle rez from Celoria at 11%...then sneaky pulled hate...dead, raydz dead...honors dead..then it was easy pickings for the boss:(

Same scenerio on attempt 2 through 5 we said screw it...we did some swapping of some guildies..brought Jypsy in to the raid...(Jypsy and I go way back to when I was a lvl 22 mage running around leveling my ass off...I got invited to join a guild called "Phantasma" and he was in it prior to me getting there...same guild with him untill I was lvl 64 and the guild went to the crapper:P..then I joined his guild "Atlantis reborn" untill I hooked up with Mal Katai")..It was Jypsy's first taste of Kara and I was hoping the staff that I have would drop from the boss for such luck:P...but we still kicked curators ass and Tommy (Devona/Cellestia) got his t-4 gloves:)

Total repair repecing bill(total of 3 times..from 41/20 to 0/27/34 to 50/11 to 41/20)...197 gold ftl lol

Had to deal with some drama last night just before alt hunter of a lvl 70 rogue (adaman) started up being a dick in G was the 2nd time he was being douchie...I asked him to stop..he didnt..gkick him and his alt..less drama more fun:)

Dont be a douchie in guild chat or party chat...manners ftw

Shout out today to the Canadian troops helping out all over the world this Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada..Stay safe and stay the course <3 :)

Hopefully we will pwn Gruul this weekend...peace

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