Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lazy days..not really

Been lazy and not posting lol

Recap of the last few days..

Dotslover still 52..but now 340 enchanting/340 tailoring

Raistilan..still 70 but now 375 tailor/185 mining

Have been watching my bank slowly dwindle down and down lol

Gotta do my dailies lol

Played on the test realm..got to the first boss in ZA..woot..tons of HP and hits like truck

Helped Lisa and Drew get keyed for kara Monday and in the process managed to piss off one our 5v5 team mates by helping guildies get keyed...

We then tried to do 5v5 and couldnt because we couldnt add anyone to the team..grrr
So..I started a new team..that is sitting @1500 after 10 games which is awsome:)
WTB everyone from other team:)

Its a reset day..


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Raydz said...

About time you posted again lazy ass =P, Keep up the posting, i get really bored at work!