Friday, October 5, 2007

First attempt

Good day all:)

A big thank you to my new Tankadin friend/guildie for putting up an awsome blog that inspired me to get one going:) Check it out!!! (Also tanks the crap outta heroic mech!)

We also have another Guildie Blogger that I found after the fact:P Raydz ..he is another one of our guilds MT's

About me:

30 something single guy from the great white north, my toons are:
Guild Officer of Mal Katai
Raistilan 70 mage (main)
Dotslover 50ish lock
Raistisapali 28 twink pali

I have my epic flyer (riding ray) going to farm honor to get my Dragon:-)
2 epic land mounts and 2 regular flying mounts
All my gear is epic, except for a blue trinket

My IRL friend is Arugala/Dadruid(alt) we have worked together for years
My other irl is Orisi/Deeslock(alt) also worked together for years

I am very lucky to have a great group of friends that I play WoW with ..opps thats right it is a "Guild" lol but w/e we have a blast most nights, have Kara and HKM on farm and should be getting Gruul dead this weekend and then Mag or SSC..woot

Want to throw a shout out to my partner in daily mischief Celoria the besto resto Dru Dad (op imo lol)

And truth be told...

I want to raid 4 nights a week and progress our guild to the Black Temple:-)

ok..need to work now..I will finish this soon though:)