Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Raiding? what do you mean raiding?

After reading Honors blog today I can clearly see that I am not the only one starting to get frustrated with our progress....

Tuesday is reset day in WoW..

That should mean that A- Kill HKM and attempt Gruul
B- Run Kara again for the 40th week straight
C- Have 2 Kara groups too early the other too late

Well..the answer last night was C..bogus imo

When you get to where our guild is at and add players to fill out the missing pieces and then dont raid...that can cause more problems than not being able to kill a 25man boss...boredom in a guild is like will eat away at your group..and all it takes is one person to bolt..and then more will follow...then you dont have one Kara group..let alone enough to attempt a 25 man...dire prediction?

No..honest reality

The reason we have some of the players we do is because we were starting to progress...then we stop doing 25 man content and run Kara...

Then we go back to killing HKM and attempt Gruul..get him to 4%

Then we stop

It was reset day yesterday...

There are guilds in SSC..the EYE and even a few in Mt Hyjl and there is one in the BT..I want to raid..and last night

Well last night...

I farmed trees in Skettis with Dottie till we were both sick of it...then we Pwn'd some noobs in arena....Which in itself was a great night hanging with Dottie:)

But when it comes down to it....The answer of why Kara used to be "to gear players up"..well last night there were 3 alts in Kara...I wasnt asked to go and I got pestered all night by people wondering WTF with not running HKM/Gruul when it was posted in our guild forums

I was asked by 2 other guilds to raid with in SSC the other Magtheridon....and no I wont tell you who they were but I will tell you I might go next time to see how much fun lay ahead..

I wont bolt on this guild...

But I want to raid...IMHO Kara isnt raiding...its farming

I wont be playing my main this week..
Going to level my lock with Dotties SP

Thanks for reading and keep up the good fight!


FaceEraser said...

OOOOH rob has a blog!

The alt thing really got me because I have to wonder...whats the point of "gearing" up players that aren't going to be used in 25 man raids.

I don't understand how you,lisa, among others enjoy kara still. I don't even have all of my upgrades from it and im bored to tears! The only way that I can really do it anymore is while watching TV or with a guitar in my hands. But than I'm not doing my best and i do stupid things.

FaceEraser said...

IDK if i can edit the last post or not...

I assume I'm one of those people included when you mention people who ask about gruuls...if I bug you about it sorry but it is a bit frustrating when it is planned on the forums than the first week after this "scheduling" goes into effect I cancel plans to be on for this than I find out we aren't going to Gruul it really is a pain in the ass.

Farmer Rob said...

You guys dont bug me about running gruul..I was like wtf too

I hate kara but I go to help out with the runs

I would rather try gruul every night for a year than keep farming kara

Raydz said...

My isp has been sketchy lately so thats the only reason i havnt been getting annoyed myself. Ever since i joined this guild i have always wondered whats so wrong with having scheduled times and sticking to it. Most of the time when something is scheduled its like "Gruul dies Sunday" well what time sunday? Pre-BC i was hardcore, i would love to see a dkp system put into place as well if we ever start running 25 mans regularly.