Saturday, November 3, 2007

Been a while...err too much drama


It has been a week since I updated my little corner of the web..lots of factors..mostly my isp @ home doesnt like this site and being sick most of the week has not allowed me to blog from work:P

Gruul is dead..grats to those in attendence..super job..13th growth no less:)

Been hearing some shit being talked about the officers in the guild that has me seeing red!!!
The officers in the guild have busted their asses for months on end getting our little guild to where it is at..Kara on farm for months now..HKM on farm for a few months...
When people show up to raids..they dont have to pay for pots/elixers/oils/flasks/food...because the officers and a few senior members bust ass farming for the good of the guild..

Having said that...this is what I hear in the last 2 days..

1 "Officers get loot and then it goes to who ever else is there"
2 "there is favortism when it comes to loot among the officers."
3 "The new members dont get any drops"
4 "I heard that I cant run kara because the groups are full"

#1 ...That is soooooooooooo much crap it makes my head hurt..
I have passed on t4 from HKM every fricken week since the first day we killed him...and I was wearing lvl 68 blue shoulders...I watch Lisa pass on loot, Trey, Drew and Celoria all pass on items to give someone wearing a green/blue item an upgrade...everytime..exception..when we killed Gruul..the items went to the main tank and the OT

#2 Again...see number 1 first line..
Tom can agree with me that it is luck of the draw..his first night in Kara he got sooooo much gear it made me sick lol.. I have run kara so much and watched items get DE'd because no one could use them..I waited 4 months to get pants from buddy scott has waited just as long for his staff and still needs it..Ted is cursed because blizz hates prot pallies...

#3...This one really irks me...Does anyone run instances anymore?
Im sorry but when did it become my job or the guilds job to get you better gear?
It isnt..never has been..never will be..if you are level 70 and wearing greens and think you should get loot because your too fucking lazy to get your own upgrades...then get the fuck outta my guild and dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you..WTF..I had one green trinket the first time I ran kara..everything else was quest/instance blue...and my crafted epics which I busted my ass making..bunch of lazy freeloading SOBS...I am sorry for the foul language..but come on..learn to play the could quest over a week and regear your toon head to toe..not too mention rep items and the a/h

#4 ..well QQ somemore..if you arent on when the groups start..not my problem..I wont make someone step out so you can run Kara..I could ask..I have done that in the past..heck I step out all the time for people to get a shot at loot..but dont ask to start Kara on a sunday/monday that time its been a almost a week..they are down to the final bosses and prolly wont take you to your first Kara on the hardest offence but I wouldnt either

There are so many diffrent ways to get gear in this game..Arena/BG's/Quests/Rep/Crafted and the a/h that there is no way you cant be blue from head to toe with some crafted epics or some Bg epics..quit QQing

I think the majority of the bitching is coming from a few new guild members..who are being pushed by a few older members whom either suck/fail at wow or cant ever make raids/dont even ask to go...

I wanted my first blog back to be a happy one..but I feel better about that rant

Real life has caught up to our gm and her hubby..Drew lost his father after a long battle with an incidious cancer that would not go heart goes out to you and your this weekend..

I will prolly try to get a raid going sunday night..depending on whos playing football last thing...

WTF is with the fact that I cant get 25 players to sign up for loot reaver ???
We need 4 tanks..
We have : Tom/Ted/Trey/Arb
We need 7 healers
We have : Dottie/Lisa/Seven/Tommy
We need 4 mele
We have: Ryan
We need 10 ranged/caster
We have: Brandon/Mike/Myself/Steve/Bryan/

Can you help fill the spaces? I dont want to pug but I will take friends of green gear..perfer all epic'd

Thanks for reading..God's speed to you and yours...and set your clocks back

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Raydz said...

There is always drama in every guild, you cant escape it, you seem to always handle it well though =)

As far as loot goes, i think i have the worst luck when it comes to drops....*snicker*