Thursday, November 15, 2007

Save the Drama foryour momma

The last few days have been busy..

Gruul dead Monday..Grats guys!!!
2.3 dropped tuesday...
The bear boss in ZA dead 2nd try..woot!!!
We skipped the 2nd boss and then wiped on the 3rd boss:P
Complete unistall/reinstall of wow Wednesday night..grr 3.25 hours of nothing:P
Level my Lock to 57..woot!
Dottie hit 58 Woot!!! Grats!!

We are starting to do more 25 man content..Void Reaver again tonight
But it would seem that more and more of the guild is unhappy about being left out of the 25 man fun..or the ZA fun...I had enough Wednesday with a guildy who kept QQ'ing on our forums about stuff like:
Leaving green gear wearing players out of raids
The fact that we have "Clicks" who stick together..
So after logging in and reading a long winded complaint email I saved both him and our guild the trouble and removed him..his wife gquit shortly after../sigh

I still dont understand why people think that the guild has to gear them out...not our fricken job..our job to help where we can..but you dont hit 70 and jump on the epic loot train..the last guild I was in "insert crappy guild name here" the GM would keep every drop..even if it was an upgrade...god they suck

Now a few people were pissy about not going to ZA with the old Kara grp 1..
This is the grp I want
Honors/Arb/Drew/Lisa/Dottie/Me/Scott/Clark/Sneaky/Deil/Oslo/Brian/Trey..yes thats more than 10....and Jessie...those are all the members of the Kara clear team prior to alot of people getting in our guild..heck..I dont have Max, Joel or Sam even...grrr
I would also Like to get Brandon/Sevenn and Mowbray in the group....Thats 2 full groups right there for ZA..

But people would rather bitch because they wernt online intime to get an invite for the grp Tuesday..So go with Grp 2..they are all in Kara epics..good tanks/healers..Grrrrr

I am trying to seperate raiding from everyday guild life and trying to set up 3 days a week for 25 mans..instead of the 2 now

More later....maybe

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Raydz said...

All the guild posts i have seen on our site all that dude did was complain, no loss on our part by him being gone. Glad you took care of it!