Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SSC trash...err Read: Retards and loud mouths

Last evening started with a whisper from Trelic..

"Want to go help Skill Assessment kill Lurker"..

With that I got my first taste of SSC and the trash mobs..and a boss there...Which was cool..except for from the get go I noticed some rude players..some ass clowns if you will.

We started on the trash..Sevenn,Face,Trelic,Celoria and myself all there representing MK..20% of the raid is good imo:)

After the first trash clear..sevenn gets a Epic crafting thingy (don't remember what they are called lol)
On the next trash pull I hit a fireball for 7.2k..I almost shit when I seen that..that was with out a doubt the highest crit on a FB I have seen with out a boss buff..IE Heroic mech's polarity buff, Curator's evocation..

Trash pull number 5 and Trelic gets an Awesome druid tanking staff..so grats to both you and sevenn:)

We learn the boss...From JX..we do 2 not bad tries..Then on Attempt #3..

Celoria gets stuck under the platform and dies in the scalding water..in vent all you hear is Quickquick and Ekwelity calling her names..repeatedly..over and over again..They get asked to stop by everyone from MK..they persist..*poof* goes Dottie..Followed by Sevenn, Face, and myself..Who needs that crap?
Trelic stays because he got an epic staff and feels obligated..which I am ok with..I believe he spent the rest of the raid flaming the ass clowns for being retards..

They do not down Lurker...not because they failed..but because we killed their raid!!! :)

Word to the wise.. Do not insult/belittle/scream at/curse at someone that is there to help your guild out...If one of our members had done that to someone helping..I would have punted them from the raid..had we stayed..Lurker would have died

JX is a nice enough fellow..but his pug raids are designed to recruit members to his guild..he is the former MT of Different Strokes who in their prime were "the Guild" on our server..now its Cynosure but still..I doubt he will ask me after I /raid quit on him..not that I am looking elsewhere anyway:P

We (MK) can go play in SSC..It wasn't that hard
Our MT's can handle it..Our healers (Cel and Sevenn) topped the healing charts last night..and our Dps is top notch..

Void Reaver Thursday in TK :)

I want Drew and Lisa to know my thoughts are still with you guys in this sad time.

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