Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I was a Drudad for one night...

Last night was a fun fun time..

I had a Kara grp all lined up for Scott to try and get some gear along with a few other alts and a new Lock...Scott couldnt go:P

So..I ran on his druid..I have a drudad..but he is lvl 5 in to kara I go on a toon I have no idea how to play lol

It was a blast..thank you to the grp for not yelling at me..only died once when we wiped on maiden:P

I got him gloves and a neck pc..woot!!!! I want a drudad:P

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Raydz said...

I have played my buddies druid a few times, but only to heal. It was a nice change of pace, switching chars is a ton of fun.
Whats your acct info id like to try your mage out,...and maybe borrow some gold... =P