Thursday, November 29, 2007

1300 fire dmg ftw

It has been a while..common theme from MK bloggers the past week lol

We ran Kara last evening with amazing results..

It started off terribad..2 wipes on trash to huntsman...including a wipe on the first pull lol
Once we got that outta our system the real fun started..

1 shot the horse and his master...we then minus baxstab for Ted (dont even wanna know how many flowers you had to buy to get on wow on a Wednesday night lol) march through moreos..

Down Maiden in 2 min 4 secs...I will add here that the DPS we had was prolly one of the best grps ever in a 10 man grp..
MT Ted
OT Trey
Mele Arb
Mele Scott
Mele Drew
Ranged Mike
Caster Myself
Caster omgqqsigh
Healer Dottie
Healer Lisa

Thats right..2 having said that..Drew was bouncing back and forth from his rogue to his warrior...who is the guild MT..although we had people tanking everything last night lol

The plan..Run through to Curator..

Plans fail imo lol

We WTF PWN the Big bad wolf..and while Lisa is looting..Trey already has 3 mobs pulled back in to the

It was one long chain was fast and it was was so much fun!!!!

So we go bashing through the trash to the side door and decide that we should kill nitebane while we are here..

1 shot that ugly undead beast...sadly..the drop that Ted has wanted does not drop /cry
But he got a dps grats for that:)

We hit the curator trash and bam..Bobs your uncle and Curators down just over 4 mins..he didnt even make it through his 2nd evocate lol
Lisa is robbed of her T4 gloves again /cry

New plan..Shade and chess then we will call it...FAIL lol

We one shot

Head to Chess and well..we stopped and WTF PWN Neitherspite LOL

We are 8 bosses in and doing shot lol

I hear "we should go kick Princes ass" again..plan fails lol

Prince is now dead...I have my Mindblade woot!!! with Sunfire enchant..FUCKING A WOOT!!

20 badges last night..LOL
I got my +49 dmg offhand

With my spellfire gear on...GOTW/int/Pali Buff's wizard oil and Flask..1317 fire dmg LOL

Cant wait to raid now imo lol

Scott got 6 epics last night on his Druid...Ted got his legs with his badges..woot!!!

If I subtract the 15 mins getting ready out front and the 2 stupid wipes..

3 hour Kara run 10 events cleared...20 badges and a great time had by all:)

I think ZA is in trouble tonight LOL


Raydz said...

dude amazing job!

Honors Code said...

Thank you for taking me on the run it was a blast.