Saturday, November 10, 2007

Raistilan Raids Inc.. Err Progress FTW

It has been an interesting week..

From attempting Lurker with ass clowns to playing with trash in the Eye...Woot!

Some thoughts for the week..


Are people really too lazy to get their own upgrades? Hit level 70 and think..hi guild..replace my crap greens with purps please..I know that every person I consider a friend in this game or have been guildies with had busted their butts to get better gear..example:

Trelic our uber bear/kitty farmed Mechs first boss for hours one night with a few of us..for a tanking back pc..For hours!!!! and we had kara on farm at the time too!!

I had lvl 68 blue shoulders..since level 68..Did I piss and moan when shade didnt give me my shoulders? (ok..well for 5 secs after every kill:P) but I went out and started doing arena...I know have merc shoulders..but it took weeks..

The new 70's dont/wont do that..they seem to think they should get loot because their gear sucks...Grrrr

We killed HKM Friday night (more about this kill in a bit) and the Rogue/Pali token drops..
We do a class roll..Mowbray wins..he has epics..the guy in 2nd has blues..Dan decides to pass to upgrade another player..well people start to say.."Give it to _______ he has green's"
Not in any raid im in..Quote me from vent "He should quit being lazy and get his own upgrades...dont give anyone wearing greens that is lazy"

The green guy got nada

Speaking of the High king..

I am tanking the mage as I do ..our Dps pwns the priest and the other mages /healer come to me and my target..all of the sudden my spell steal doesnt work..I think he is healers keep me up..I see his shield spawn..I hit spell steal again..again..nothing...I look at one of the other mages..he has my fucking shield!!!!
9k fireball + 9k fireball = dead

In vent I get asked "Did he resist?"..answer "Nope Aerlion stole my shield" *hear laughter on vent followed by swearing*
I should have lost my mind on him..but I think Trey beat me to it..I said in vent that shit happens but dont let it happen again..

I pst him before the next attempt and was nice..
His response want.."KK I FUCKING GET IT!!"
I replied.."Im sorry?..Did I yell at you?"

No response...He had better watch his manners with me or he will see the bad side of this arc/fire mage ..I am nice..and try to be polite..but when you get rude with will get it back ten fold

Note....This is the same mage who cant read a threat meter and pulled void reaver from the tanks and caused a wipe...Skill>Gear ..You cant decurse stupid../sigh

Going to run 25 man raids every thursday now..

Something learn the fight..maybe even get a boss kill:)

Its patch day Tuesday..2.3 woot


FaceEraser said...

"Note....This is the same mage who cant read a threat meter and pulled void reaver from the tanks and caused a wipe...Skill>Gear ..You cant decurse stupid../sigh"

This same mage pulled agro countless times in heroic BF, even on the really tough pulls in the end where a mistake can wipe your group. He also front loads his threat with Pom/pyro...I don't get it maybe hes trying to prove how high his dps is.

BTW...being dead a lot is an invalid excuse for not being #1 on the damage meters, if your dead than you don't deserve to be on the top of the meters

Raydz said...

9k fireball + 9k fireball = dead

U know this would be a hilarious joke if 1 of the mages did this to you every HKM run