Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One shot FTW!!!..err 2x One shot FTW!!

Monday started as a farming day..

Mine mine mine:P
Helped Dottie get some rep and a Potion she needed for a new cauldren..woot GRATS!!!!

The only issue with the above runs was a hunter who was holding the account for a "Buddy"..except he claims to have a 70 on another server with 4/5 t5 gear..orly?

This guy couldnt find his ass with both hands and a map..couldnt find Steam vaults..got ganked twice by horde..couldnt find the shattar rep guy..or CE rep guy..after thinking about it..I booted captin ebay from the guild.

We took a dps heavy group in to Gruuls lair last night and wiped the floor with him and the High King...1 shot on both!!!!

Although when I post the screen shot you will see a whole wack of Dead MK lol
We had 1 or 2 guys left alive lol

Going to Kara tonight on my friends druid..lol

*repair bill ftl

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