Thursday, December 6, 2007

Late nights are ftl

Good day y'all

Another week has gone by..

Gruul/HKM died Sunday
Bear boss/Eagle boss died Monday..

Kara up to Chess on Tuesday...
I would woot that..but there were some problems with the run..
I try to get grps that include someone that is really in need of new gear..but meh..only alts of officers were there:P

Then a mistake took place that I dare say makes me feel terribad for all involved..
Teds shield drops from Nitebane and it accidently gets looted to Lisa..DOH!!!!
If she could have deleted her toon on wow right there I think she would have..I think the GM's are still working on it..I know that Trey was on till 4am waiting to hear from them...Damn Blue and your "Tickets"

Then to make matters worse..
We stay up late Tuesday night because one of the grp wont be on for a few days..
Then he is on Wednesday nite anyway..lack of sleep ftl:(
Then they went and finished Kara..I was in the grp but I was so frustrated that I ported to Shat and said fuck it..not going..I put together a grp every week..I ask people to come..Then I get invited to my grp and see people who wernt in the grp Tuesday while the folks that came and helped get to chess are sitting on the sidelines..pissed me off huge..GRRRR!!!

Grats Scott on getting your Epic training..Good luck Friday night with Heroic Sethikk:P

Mag Tonight!!!

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