Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reset Day

So here it is another reset day..

New Kara/Gruul..new arena week

My lock is now 63..wtb 70 by xmas..also got my tailoring to 375:) would love to be raiding with him sooner lol
I wish I could arena with him now imo:P..although 5.5k hp wouldnt last very long.

We 3 shot HKM last night..then 1 shot Gruul
We then missed the bearboss timer by 15-20 secs..crappy:P

Ted got his shield..woot grats!!!

I will be pushing Mag hard untill we kill him..wtb hkm/gruul/mag in one evening
I am pretty sure that is the way to go..It is my fault for taking us to VR and Lurker before we were ready..I still think we can kill those bosses..but the trash in the eye takes to long..and I think getting mag down will help more than t5 shoulders:P

Added Pylar to our 5's team..went 5-7..not bad imo..I am frost now for arenas..they leave me alone now..so I can kill instead of being the first to die:P

Went to Van Halen Friday..Rocking good time!!!

Grats to Dottie on 63 for her sp:)

We lost Faceeraser to a pve server ..I wish him well in his new home:)

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