Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fork in the road...

Friends..Raiding..both do not seem to mix all that well..

Monday we went to 25 uld for the first 2 bosses..ok..so we ended up killing FL hardmode..then wiped for a while on XT (which we 1 shot the week before).

So we decided to go finish up Naxx 25..we only had Gluth, Thad and Saph and KT left..

well 3 outta 4 aint bad...wipe on KT much? just a little:(

We couldnt figure out why our mele was just blowing up...after the raid we figured it was because a DK kept dropping DnD on the boss..hiding the red circles of death.

After the raid..

The psts started from the core..

They are tired of the bad raids..

One idea was take the core and merge with Honnors guild and run 10's..i like the idea but why would a 10 man guild take in 20 people lol

The other idea was..

A new guild..running 10 mans only..

Cue the Eric Clapton music..

Because we are the crossroads.


Honors Code said...

Have you talked to Ellevis? It's not my guild, it's his.

I'll send him a link to this post, but perhaps the two of you should have a discussion.

Farmer Rob said...

The other idea was just going back to mk and taking my raid team with me.

Honors Code said...

You guys do what's right for you.

Ellevis said...

Hey, this is Ellevis ( Wichita). Honors pointed me in this direction :) If you wanted to talk in game that'd be great.

We are / have been a strictly 10 man guild but there are definite advantages to having another 10 man raid group within the same guild.

Look me up in game or I guess I could whisper you :)