Thursday, November 5, 2009

For the Horde!

Well in keeping with my policy of only posting when I might have something to post..

Recap of the last 4 months..

Our raid core tells me they are going to a reborn MK under the tag of which was cool at the time...I went with them..friendly and familiar faces..some not quite so friendly but..fresh start for everyone.

I will also state that I am not going to trash anyone here today..yes thats strange:P

We raided for 4 months with Limitless..but the same problems came back.

Why do people need to be dirtbags to people?


The Drama..

Two of the officers in the guild decided we needed a new GM..really?

Farming 25 toc plus 4 10m tocs and 2 togc 10's going each week and we need a new gm?

And I forgot..kick all the socials and people these two didnt like.

Umm no way.

So we decided..

Take our toys and go to a new home..7 of us transfered to a new server..then went horde!

Shoulda done it months ago!

Pug 10m tocg, uld, pugs at 3am lol

For the Horde!

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