Friday, October 24, 2008

Reflections on 3.02

Good day

Long time no new blog:P

Guild news:

The night before 3.02 went live we had 12 players leave MK to start a guild of their own...when that happened we put our action plan in place and removed other members who we felt were bad for morale in the guild.

When we did that..I took the brunt of the hate..which is fine...hate me all you want..but when 80%+ of the members think your an asshat and want you out..and you had treated other members like garbage untill they gquit in the was the right move.

As a follow up to that..the 12 that left all rejoined a few days later LOL


Is an awesome patch for the casual's in gives us all the chance to see the content that had eluded us and actually forced us to call off raiding.

Since the patch we have cleared Za on under geared alts..mains and generally been farming gear:)

My mage:
For pvp I really like the burst of arcane..pve in ZA wasnt that great
the new fire spec isnt bad..1200dps in Za overall and 1500 on bosses except Zuljin
Going to try Frost in Za next reset

Demon spec blows..was cool for 2 mins then bleh
Affliction isnt bad
Have not done destro yet

My pali...oh my pali
Solo tanked all of the new changes..ot'd Za
Going to Mt Hyjal fun

We should have vash/kael and Hyjal cleared before the xp drops which is awesome:)

Honors and his merry band from Dominion cleared BT..Grats to you!

Dottie has taken her 3rd alt..a mage into a dps monster..way to go!!!

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