Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh what a night!

*cue 70's disco music*

Last night the Red heads headed in to 25 man naxx with Daywins guild..

It went fantastic!

1 shot every boss in two wings..only wiped on patchwork and finished the night on I hate that boss:P

We took first time naxx peeps..people in blues..healers wearing the wrong class of gear and a few who have never seen a raid before let alone end game (not that naxx is real hard lol)

It was a bit of a home coming if you will..names and voices that I had not ran with in over a year filled the screen and in vent.

It was fun!

Loot was not put to was free roll and only 2 items were d/e'd

Greens were split between the two guilds..any shards were shared.

It was a very very good night..cant wait for Sunday!

On a side note..

If my blog has hurt you're feelings in any shape or form..

Get over it..I blog for me not for you..don't like it...then GTFO!

I had not updated my blog in a long time..but you gave me a reason to express what was going on..maybe I owe some thanks for that..but I am a big jerk so I will not thank you.

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