Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uldar and more drama

The info about the raid is out..another 14 bosses and not all og them will hit the ptr..that last part is sweet..lets see how fast the uber raiders that bemoaned wotlk as too easy do when they cant test it 24/7 like the rest of us lol

I was informed last night that people read my blog and used it as a reason to gquit mk..see the mature comment from the changes blog....really? you didnt like my wall o text?

it crit you that hard?

All I can say about that is this..

You brought mk to its knees and then you moved on to another guild..priceless

The funny part is that I have been told that if those that left to avoid the drama that was going on return to mk that you and yours would go back too..so you could see everyone leave again?

I have not gone back to MK as of yet..not sure if I will at this point..but what I do know is that it matters not to me what g tag is under their names.

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