Saturday, February 2, 2008

Progression is FTW!!!

As many of you know…or may not know I play a mage on the medium population server of “Altar of Storms” a PVP realm that isn’t very far progressed…we have one guild clearing the Black temple and another one about half way through and a 3rd about to hit the temple very soon

The guild I am in….”Mal Katai” is more like a small dysfunctional happy family than a guild lol:P A few weeks ago they made me Lt commander as the regular Lt is tied up in School for the next while:P

People call us a “Casual guild” but that has changed to “Casual raiding Guild” which is awesome….when we do raid (2-3 nights a week) it is done with a hard core approach and it has netted us 3 progression kills in the month of January….awesome imo

Tonight we embark on another first for our family…Morogrim Tidewalker
It should be fun fun

On a side note..

One of our core ot’s and his irl friends transferred servers to a more progressed guild/server….that blows…..I already miss Tom, he was truly a nice guy and great player….I did not know his 2 friends that kinda put a gun to his head and made him transfer…but I hope that he isn’t to sad about us killing Lurker the same day he left….

Take care Tom….You big smelly hooker l o l

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Raydz said...

Yeah i have actually been pretty bummed lately since the transfer, i miss raiding with you guys and all the mom jokes and calling eachother names. Was a ton of fun. Im happy you guys killed lurker =)
Gl on tide walker! i was checking the site today to see if you guys attempted/killed him. Gl on him!