Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save the Drama for your Momma

It all started on Saturday night…

A long-term guildie did something he should not have done…at least with out asking first (not asking me...but Lisa should have been asked) and when the other Officers asked about it we were pretty much dismissed and insulted, I can ignore some minor crap so I did and went about my evening, a little later on said guildie brought up the subject again…this time 2 other Officers got involved in the discussion/argument ..it ended with said guildie calling us names and being generally disrespectful.

Sunday morning came and while I was getting ready to go to work one of the other Officers decided to tell me something that did not make me happy, I responded in-kind with a smart ass remark “should we bake him cookies too?”

I then made a board for the fellow Officers expressing my anger and frustration with having someone who doesn’t do anything to help run things telling those that do pull there wait that there are wrong and calling us names to boot:P

Said guildie then proceeds to attack my integrity and even called me incompetent lol
When I log in after work it just grows and grows, I demote all my alts so they cant see o chat , for the sole purpose of not gkicking said guildie, I log on to my main and request it get demoted as well, that causes a crap satorm that I stayed out of for as long as I could…

Then it had to be done…he attacked me again and again …I had taken enough guff from a 15 yr old… “#$%$# has been kicked out of the guild by Raistilan”

I then booted all his alts out as well…

Then one by one….his “clique” g quit

The only one that hurt the guild was another Officer leaving

We will survive…I think we are better off

At least we wont have to listen to him swallowing his mic in vent anymore…or his constant babbling during raids

Now recruiting Warlocks LOL

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