Friday, January 4, 2008

Put your game face back

Greetings all:)

I hope you had a good holiday and spent lots of time with your loved ones..or people you like at the very least lol

I was having a great holiday season untill boxing day when after getting my Alt Lock to 69.5 came down with a wicked sinus infection that knocked me out untill Dec 30th:P (and even that wasnt untill evening:P)
But Me Dottie, trey and Brian all have another 70 now..woot and grats to all:)

I need to gear up my we ran Kara this week..I managed to get Moroes back piece, boots from opera and a neck piece from Prince..not bad but next week I will put my lock in another group and take my main with Dotties Sp and Treys healbot so that we can gear out Dottie:)

Tonight marks the start of a progression run that hopefully will see the end of Mag..which if he doesnt die tonight we are going to keep going at him untill he is hopefully it is tonight..then we can maybe hit up Lurker Saturday night...Ideally mag tonight..then starting tuesday net week we can do:
HKM/Gruul/Mag all in one night..then Friday/Sat in SSC..progression raids suck for those who dont like to die..but I play a mage who dies all the time and I will die all night for a month to finally kill a new boss:)

We have the best tank's on the server as far as attitude and drive to progress..Ted, Tom, Drew, Trey in Bear..all will die for the cause..(Reid you arent on the list because I dont know if your coming:P)..I am sure Bloodsky may have better geared tanks..but they should rename their guild BloodDS because all their real good players came from elsewhere:P

I will all my guildies the best of luck tonight and lets give hellfire the 10% buff!!!


Honors Code said...

I've got 5 Nightmare seeds for each time we get to 30% on him.

I really like the schedule you've laid out for 25 mans. "HKM/Gruul/Mag all in one night..then Friday/Sat in SSC.."

Let's make it happen.

Raydz said...
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Raydz said...

"..progression raids suck for those who dont like to die.."

If you dont want to die and leech off everyone else learning then ur an asshat.

Farmer Rob said...

When we were learning kara it was 3-4 weeks of hell..5 nights a week of 10-20g repairs perday plus pots:P a day..i will go broke to kill a boss!!!!