Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hydross the unliving

Thats right kiddies..

Our first night on Hydross and we killed him..thats night...on the 9th attempt:)

Grats to our team!!! you guys/gals OWN!!!!

There is some bad news though...8 wipes was too many lol..should have been attempt# 4-5 at the most..why did we wipe?...simple...shadow word pain...thats right..a dot kept wiping us:(

except for one wipe was a hot:P

And our favorite dps whore Aerlions wand on #8 lol

I got a new robe (rolled a 100 /owned:P)...which I think will now allow me to leave my spellfire set in the bank..woot!

Tried 2/48/11 fire for this raid..bad idea:P...was pushing 700+ dps but with all the aoe I had to do..mana was an issue ftl:P

I am still pumped about the kill:)

I spent tonnes o gold for the raid...6 primal life/7 primal water/ 6 primal fire..and some other odds and ends..well worth it:)

400+>Boss kill on the first night:)

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