Saturday, January 5, 2008

One last try

That was it last night..

We had one last shot at Magtheridon last night before we called it for the was after 2am server time..10+ goes at being 27%..that in it self would have a been a "good" night for a new boss...


Can we just give it just one last try?

Everyone reached deep into their souls to answer yes...YES WE CAN!!!

After a night of mom jokes...some back luck...some swearing in vent when something went "cuppy cakes" being played in vent..

Or team sucked it up and pushed our guild out of T4 content and in to the world of T5 and SSC/The Eye..woot!!

Grats to Dan and Lisa who got their T4 chest, Celoria who got the Head of Gruul..Barasi who recieved Mags Eye..Sneakyfeet whom won an epic with a 3..LOL man you did a fantastic job of tanking Mag like a champ!!!
Everyone did a fantastic job...I am so happy for our guild right has ushered in a new era..we are not a Kara guild any longer..we are a SSC guild now!!!!

Some of the fights in our near future will be:
Hydros, Lurker and A'lar and VR..We have put attempts in on VR and Lurker..but nothing like our team did last bitching..just attempts..some folks had to go...we had their subs in before anyone got ancy..

All in all..UBER!!!

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