Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday night raids

Good day all:)

So..We went back to SSC last night..and WTF PWNED Hydross..1 shot ftw!!

After waiting 1.25 hours to get 25 people:P

I will be pushing the guild to add more healers..another resto druid for sure to help take the stress from Dottie..although she IS THE BEST RESTO ON THE SERVER!!!

We took a resto shammy last gear and all...and he did very well imo..Grats Zach:)..he even got an epic totem from the trash:)

Clark got the epic tanking staff from the trash as well:)

The only problem that I have with our Lurker attempts is that we did not use our maint tank..Ted the tankadin..this isnt to say that Lan did poorly..just Ted is our MT and this will be fixed asap or we move to a different boss..our mele pulled from Lan on every try..that doesnt happen with Ted.

It was a fun night ..everyone had fun..Ted got a great upgrade for him to spend his MKP on..Grats earned it:)

World boss today..or mag..or back to lurker..but either way..our little guild has another farm boss:)

HKM/Gruul/Mag/Hydross ...all free loots now imo:)

See you ingame..
Dont let your meat loaf:P

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