Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Been a while....

Good day all..

Sorry for the long delay on updating the blog:P

Since I last posted..

Tidewalker is Dead (I attended with a fever of 102 and stayed till he died lol)

Doomwalker is Dead...we tried him Sunday but after a 4% wipe we had the horde attacking our healers on the 2nd try..mark of death sucks imo..instant death with in 50 yards of Doomwalker if he kills you..it lasts 15 mins:P

Monday night I threw together a raid that was 32 strong lol..and only 8 healers..they say 16 healers for a 40 man try..we one shot him ..easy easy:P

I went on my lock because of the dots..love the dots
And my lock was #2 on the dps charts LAWL lol

I recruited 5 new members..all who are geared and want to raid..and we added a rogue from another server..attendence shouldnt be an issue..Esp if Tom transfers his ass back..I think some folks quit logging in because he was gone:(

SSC tuesday and TK friday this week..Doomwalker Sunday and Gruul/mag monday..tis the plan:)

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