Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Angry Mage

From this moment on..

I will be incharge of raid invites...the way it was before

I do not care if I anger players because they cant come...but for the umpteenth time we took folks who have no business being in SSC and the result was 2 wipes and a 10 min 39 sec kill..thats right 39 secs in to enrage on a boss that we usually kill with 2.5 to 3 mins left on the timer:(

What we need is Raydz to transfer back...he can mt and ot with Brindall/Honors and he was at all but one of our progression kills ...WTB Tom back!!!

The other problem...

Why do all our Druids think they are Dottie now? like wtf is that about..our boomkins are resto and one of our drudad tanks Bandarno went resto...I mean come on there is only one Dottie..just like there can only be one Ted and one Drew

So back to Rob the raid leader:(

On a brighter note..Dottie spent some arena points and honor on both Celoria and Super...we ran AB last night and it now takes 4-5 on her at once to kill her on Celoria..cant wait for 2v2 Monday..its going to be crazy lol

Grats to you my dear:)

I am setting up TK solarian attempt for Friday night..if people no show after signing up..ima gkick them

/end blog lol

1 comment:

Raydz said...

Hey GL on VR man, and if you really want to progress then you just have to be an ass and kick people who arnt geared or play like crap. Its just the way it has to be. You cant hold back 20 people because 5 suck, they need to be replaced.
And ya i have to spend my dkp before i can transfer. PUtting in over a month of raiding for 1-2 isnt worth it yet. U know how much of a loot whore i am