Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Long awaited new blog ftw


It has been a long long time since I last did the Here you go:P


Doomwalker owned
Solarian owned
Void reavor owned
A'lar owned

We have a strong raid grp now..always extras ready:)

Awaiting the return of Araxe our leet Dps hunter whom transfered to BWL to raid with Tom..Also awaiting the return of Tom..our MT Drew has been itching to play his other toons in 25mans..and Tom has the gear and the skill to step in...maybe even for FLK and in Hyjal and for kael and vash

I have my lock in FR gear..303 unbuffed..need bracers and a pali aura to get over 400..So I am ready for Leo the blind..bring it!!

MK ftw !!!!

1 comment:

Raydz said...

Working on it man =)
Gotta spend this dkp or im going to shoot myself.
Cant wait to be home though