Friday, April 4, 2008

Opps LOL

So last night we rolled in to SSC to do Tidewalker and Leo..

What we ended up with was 1.5 hours of WoW gremlins lol
Our MT for Tidewalker on 3 attempts had the same problem..his bear wouldnt attack..only auto that and a double DC from our MT and our Murlock tank = fun and frovility lol
so we got everything fixed and had Blankz attack Tidewalker twice to make sure it did and boom Tidewalker was dead and I got my mage trinket:)

So..we go to do Leo ...

I port my mage back to shat and jump on my lock..wait 15-20 mins to get an invite and a summon while they are clearing trash to Leo..

Turns out we made a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up at Fathom Lord LOL I LOL IRL at that..but what ever..we are MK and decide to try him..
We spent 30 mins while everyone read up and watched videos..I contemplated how to get my mage there and off my fire resist lock lol

We did 2 attemps before we called it for the night..It was fun..we are going back tonight to kill him...when it isnt 1230 in the morning and all our est coasters arent falling a sleep lol

Tonight..aiming for 5/6 SSC FTW!!!

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