Friday, April 11, 2008

2 pc bonus ftw!!!

Ello all:)

Our merry band of raiders went back to SSC last night with hopes of killing a new boss:P

Well we are now 4/6 SSC after a 3 shot of FLK:)

He is sooooo easy..almost had him the first try..2nd try a tank got 1 shot ..3rd try was cake:)

Your humble blogger is now 2pc t5 and has gone back to arcane/fire woot:)
Also the first in our guild with 2pc's of T5:)

Grats to Dottie for getting her 1st pc of T5..woot!:) over 2.2k healing now:)

Fireyes got a T5 leg too..grats:)

We finished off the night in Hyjal farming trash..which was fun fun fun:)

Leo Sunday or Monday for 5/6 SSC..woot:)

Grats to all:)


Honors Code said...

I'd like to see us tighten up a bit on the raid. We had too much time wasted last night between pulls.

Raydz said...

grats man!

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