Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to raiding

We are indeed back at it:)

Sunday we went and did the 4 bosses we have on farm..it went well..1 shot Lurker, Hydross and we might as well call Tidewalker a 1 shot..only because I knew Lan was going to die lol..But Tommy did awesome on the real attempt:)
FLK was a little rough..but we got him..Grats to Ted for MT'ing him:)

The hunter that wiped us 3 times on Solarian was not invited LOL

Today is reset day..

Leo here we come..Skipping: Hydross/Lurker..so we will do Tidewalker, FLK and then Leo...sure we could do the first 2..but no one ever bids on the items ..plus when we do gruul/mag later on we can take a non core grp to see those bosses:)

I know only like 3-5 people a day read this..So Hai to you:)