Friday, May 2, 2008

WTF a new post lol

Some Drama the past week..

Bloodsky stole our raiding ret pally..seen that from 100 miles away when he ended up on their 3v3 team...the only bad part about it was he called us bad in his ap to them..It did make me LOL irl because that guy dies more than I do on trash in 25 mans..

Lontra one of our Locks..and a transfer pitched a fit about us being in the black temple instead of doing farm bosses..Farm bosses are boring as all heck and no one in the raids were spending any mkp for the lol at farm..I do farm for badges and gold:P

Well..he Gquit after getting in to a spat with Trey:P

So after much thought..we did a set schedule for raids..we started with TK last night and had a mellow night of screwing around we killed wasnt the A team but we had least I did:)

We are relearning VR Saturday night..and A'lar..its 2x mkp when we kill VR..incentive

I broke 10k gold..and stopped farming back down to 9k again..respecs and buying junk lol

Dottie and I should be getting our alts their epics this weekend and maybe Ill get Drew one too:)

See you all Saturday for VR orb avoiding fun:)

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